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Customer Lifecycle

Customer life cycle is a term used to describe the progression of steps a customer goes through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to a product or service.

Tefen helps her clients formulate a comprehensive plan in order to manage the Customer Lifecycle in an Holistic approach, move their customers through the costumer life cycle, and therefore improve the performance of their business. In this process Tefen examines the overall scope of the organization, and brings all sources of static and dynamic data, marketing processes, and value added services to a unified decision supporting platform through iterative phases of customer acquisition, retention, cross and up-selling, and lapsed customer win-back.

In order to achieve the optimization of our clients' customer life cycle, our work consists the following:

Diagnosing the Existing Cycle & Defining the Data Base

The first step in order to have a strong infrastructure is to examine the overall scope of the organization. Tefen defines the data required in order to analyze all the phases in the CLM. In addition, Tefen helps her clients characterize the tools that support their data and analyze needs, and leverages their organization in terms of IT (Information Technology), connecting them to the next generation technologies.

Acquisition of Costumers

In order to achieve and maintain our clients customers loyalty, and to urge new customers to join their cycle, we help our clients understand its customers needs and desires. We help create a specific profile of our clients new and existing customers, and help our clients understand the current market and increase their innovation in penetrating the market in the costumers view. In the bottom line, we help our clients increase the growth of their customer base.

Cultivating the Loyalty Among Customers

In the next step, we build with our clients a fitted program to increase and preserve their costumers' satisfaction and brand perception, and therefore preserve their loyalty to the firm. We help our clients optimize their customers' experience. Tefen observes the clients interface with the customers, and breaks it down to defined contact points, with determined service levels, customers' segmentation and managing routines. Together with our clients we define their cultural service perception, and help them make sure this perception reaches their customers.

Managing the Change

Tefen helps her clients implement the work planned in their companies, and accompanies the implementation in every branch of their organization. We make sure that the knowledge and the procedures defined reach the first contact point with the customers. While we help our clients manage the change, we help them adapt corrections in order to create a perfect fit to the operating arm.