Cristina Dragu quote

Get to know: Cristina Dragu

For the new year, we are pleased to present an interview with Cristina Dragu, Senior…

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Maria Silva's quote

Get to know: Maria Silva

For the month of December we are happy to present a new consultant at Tefen…

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Chiara Benedetti - quote

Get to Know: Chiara Benedetti

For the month of November, we are pleased to present our latest interview with Chiara…

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Philippe's quote

Get to Know: Philippe Salphati

For the month of September, we have interviewed Dr. Philippe Salphati, partner and managing director…

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A quote by Assaf Lavi

Get to Know: Assaf Lavi

For the month of August we are very pleased to present Tefen’s new Director of…

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Brian Hsing's quote

Get To Know: Brian Hsing

For the month of July, we interviewed Brian Hsing, Director and Head of US Operations…

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Moran Markovitz's quote

Get To Know: Moran Markovitz

For the month of June we are very pleased to present Tefen’s new CFO, Moran…

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Noa Golan quote

Get to know: Noa Golan

For the month of May we interviewed Noa Golan, Project Manager at the Tefen Israel…

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Chiara quoet

Get to know: Chiara Garavaglia

A special interview for Women’s day, with Chiara Garavaglia – Partner at Tefen Italy.  With…

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Paolo quote

Get to know: Paolo Correale

As the first interview of this new year, we are glad to introduce to you…

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