Get to Know: Adar Pollack

November 21, 2016 - 4 minutes read
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Working at Tefen since: December 2011 ADAR POLLACK (1)

This month we had the pleasure to interview Adar Pollack, Director of Tefen Asian and Pacific Area.
As a consultant in the Head Quarter of Tefen, Adar grew very fast showing his potential and managerial skills. For this reason, in 2013 he was chosen to relocate to China in order to lead the new-born Tefen branch in the Pacific region.
Find out more about Adar’s interesting life in Asia – in this intriguing interview:

What is your background?
I studied MA in East Asia Studies and then I got the opportunity to start working at Tefen. I was quickly raised to the ranks of Consultant, until I was asked to become the China Lead & Head of Business Development for the Asia Pacific Region, and relocate to the Tefen offices in Beijing and Shanghai.

What drew you to apply to Tefen Management Consulting?
Well, Tefen is different from other companies because it gives you the possibility to grow, express your professional knowledge and experience with new topics whenever it is possible. I chose it among other options, mainly because Tefen offers employees opportunities for growth, opportunities that do not exist in other consulting.

What do you like the most and the least about your consultant life in the far-east?
Surely the cultural gap is the biggest difficulty. This gap goes beyond the language and it enters the professional life; differently from western strictly law-regulated countries, contracts can always be called into question and asked to be renegotiated.
The bright part of my job is the fact that working in Asia is all about connections, and personal networking is the most important activity of my daily life as a business developer. So, working with the top-notch of the biggest Asian companies is very exciting.

What’s the main goal for a management consultant according to you?
According to me, no matter how great a company is, a consulting company can make it even better. There is always room for improvement. “Help the best become better”, that’s the main goal.
Companies, as much as workers, need constant assistance and consultants are there to provide support.

What are your activities (if any) outside of work?
Since I moved to China it is hard to have spare time; I don’t have fixed hours in the office, but when it is possible, I love reading and meeting with friends for a drink. As you can understand, social interactions are not only my job but first of all – my passion.

What or who is the biggest source of influence in your life?
Part of my family is religious, and the biggest inspiration in my life is probably the concept of making the world a better place (a religious concept). I was influenced by the fact that each one of us can impact the world in a small/big scale, and this is surely what drives me to improvement on a daily base.

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