Get to Know: Assaf Lavi

August 28, 2017 - 5 minutes read
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For the month of August we are very pleased to present Tefen’s new Director of International Sales Marketing, Assaf Lavi. In this special interview, Assaf, who works at Tefen since 2014, told us about his diverse and important activities, and about his vast academic background and personal passions. 

Assaf Lavi - information

Tell us about your background (education, previous work, etc):

I have a M.A. in Strategic Organizational Development and Consulting from The College of Management. I chose this academic program because the people who lead this field come from both academic and professional practices. They develop both knowledge and endow it in practice.

In my previous positions, I taught English in an academic framework, and worked as a teaching assistant to the head of English department at Ben Gurion University’s. I also worked as a lecturer at a college, and as a teacher in elementary and junior high schools. Prior to these roles, I was involved in psychological research.

When I joined Tefen, I started working in Sales & Marketing. Then, I was promoted to lead international business, commercial and corporate development activities under Tefen’s CFO. I have supported mergers, set up new Tefen subsidiaries around the world, developed strategic cooperation, created connections with associates, and more.

Today I function as the Director of International Sales & Marketing, while continuing my business development activities.

What attracted you to apply to Tefen?

When I started my M.A. I was looking for a job that deals with the consulting work and life. There were many options, and when I arrived at Tefen, I was interviewed by the Marketing VP. The conversation was very fluent and pleasant, and I immediately felt very connected to Tefen’s identity and corporate DNA. I understood I found a place in which I can learn, grow, and contribute – and this was very important for me.

What do you like the most about your professional life?

I love my job. I really believe that if you choose a job, something that you do every day, you have to be passionate and dedicated to it. My job requires long hours, but I enjoy every minute of it.

What are your highest goals?

I feel my mission is to create value by synergy. I believe that once you create the right strategy, interface, processes and work streams you can translate it all into improvement and benefit to all factors involved. Eventually, these improvements will translate to a new, combined value and enhanced revenue.

In your opinion, what’s the main goal for a management consulting firm?

To engage in a true partnership with our clients in order to understand their needs and situation in the deepest way possible, and accompany them through the process to the solution they need.

Tell us about a project that you’re most proud of.

A global leader that deals with non-woven fabric solutions asked for Tefen’s support to implement operational improvement and enhance plant productivity.

During my initial research, I interviewed employees and discovered two capacity models they used at the same time: the original machine registry, and a separate model produced by a consulting company which previously worked with the client. Obviously, this two-system operation had created a lot of inefficiencies and waste!

Once we made this realization, a new process was deployed. Waste and machinery breakage occurrences decreased significantly, and the entire operation was streamlined. Through Tefen and the company’s collaborative efforts, we increased both capacity and quality while diminishing overheads.

What are your activities outside of work?

I spend my spare time mostly doing sports – weight lifting and cycling. I picked up bouldering recently.  I also love meeting with friends when it’s possible.

What or who is the biggest source of influence in your life?

I really love Winston Churchill and his point of view. I also love Steve Jobs’s business thinking and perspective, although I don’t always agree with his human perspective.

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