Get to Know: Philippe Salphati

September 13, 2017 - 4 minutes read
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For the month of September, we have interviewed Dr. Philippe Salphati, partner and managing director of Tefen France & Switzerland. Philippe has been working in Tefen since the beginning of 2017, and he is a Life Sciences, innovation and digital transformation expert.

Philippe Salphati

Background (education, previous work, etc.):

I have a PharmD from the School of Pharmacy in Paris, and a MBA from the International University of America, San Francisco, CA.

For the last 25 years, I was fortunate to have extensive international experience. I lived and worked in the US (both East and West coasts) and Canada, and spent approximately 10 years working in China, Mexico, Russia, Europe and few other countries. During my career, I served as a consultant in different settings, including a medium-size biotech firm in Paolo Alto, CA, and in Big Pharma. In my career’s progression, led both local and global operations (overseeing country and business unit P&L) and strategic functions and units.

What attracted you to apply to Tefen?

I wanted to join a consultancy oriented toward innovation, technology and digital health applications. Tefen Management Consulting is exceptionally positioned in the middle of the Silicon Valley of Tel-Aviv (a.k.a Silicon Wadi), and innovation is everywhere in Israel, with nearly 2,000 startup companies in Tel Aviv area alone, including MedTech, biotech, and health tech companies. This makes Israel one of the leading countries in terms of number of startups and innovation in the world.

Tefen is thriving in this entrepreneurial ecosystem, as it breeds creativity, and pioneers new ideas for its global clients. It is embracing the future with ambitions to diffuse its entrepreneurial spirit and share this knowledge and experience with our clients.

What do you like the most and least about your professional life?

I love everything about my job. I’m passionate about improving the quality of people’s lives and helping organizations to accelerate access to innovation in order to treat people and help cure diseases.

At Tefen, I feel it is very rewarding to enable Life Science and Healthcare organizations transform and make the journey towards innovation and patient outcome improvements.

What’s the main goal for a management consulting firm?

To make our clients more profitable. We do this a number of ways, addressing clients’ issues so that they can continue to grow, compete successfully and accelerate pace to innovation in order to cure or improve patients’ quality of life worldwide in a range of mature and emerging countries.

Tell us about an initiative/project of yours that you’re most proud of.

One of the most exciting projects I have done was to create a plan that transformed a young biotech to transform from an innovative company into a commercial power machine in less than two years.

What are your activities outside of work?

I like playing golf, tennis or squash, and spending good times with friends.

What or who is the biggest source of influence in your life?

Any successful leaders and entrepreneurs in any fields. The list of leaders I am inspired by is long.  There are all leaders who brought unique contributions to society’s progress and humanity, such as Shimon Peres, Bill Gates, Albert Einstein, and more. I feel they have inspired us in the way we act and progress along our journey.

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