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Get to know: Paolo Correale

As the first interview of this new year, we are glad to introduce to you…

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Group of office workers in a meeting

Applying Lean to Law: Why Legal Departments Are Ripe for Operational Change

Few things are more American than apple pie, baseball, and lawsuits. In fact, the U.S….

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Medical Assitants, the swiss army knife for your practice

For medical practices there are many different type of resource to employ and even more ways to…

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Millie He v3

Get to know: Millie He

For the month of December we interviewed Millie He, Senior Consultant at the Tefen USA…

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The digital factory: a virtualization of general manufacturing practices

Over the last few hundred years or so, there has been a tremendous amount of…

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The three keys to enhancing patient satisfaction: Part III

Patients typically need to visit the doctor because something is, was, or could be wrong…

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What Could a Trump Presidency Mean for the Pharma Industry?

After the long election cycle America has finally named its next Commander in Chief—Donald J….

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Adar Polak quote

Get to Know: Adar Pollack

Working at Tefen since: December 2011  This month we had the pleasure to interview Adar…

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Manufacturing Facility Relocation

The only thing that never changes is that everything changes (Louis L’Amour). Often the ideal…

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