Want to make corporate innovation work? Run fast like a startup!

Want to make corporate innovation work? Run fast like a startup!

How much of your bottom line comes from significant recent years' innovations? Impactful Innovation is the key for addressing the intensifying risk of being disrupted by others.

What prevents your innovation from being more impactful?

  • Risk averse culture
  • Corporate processes
  • Lack of framework to incubate fast pace innovations

Current corporate innovation philosophy:Invest a lot in a few ideas that we assume have the most potential. However, these fail because we base decisions on critical, but sometimes unrealistic, assumptions. 

Instead, let's let a thousand flowers bloom!

  • Empower employees to act like entrepreneurs and develop new ideas fast
  • Invest little in many ideas and fund innovations based on concrete evidence of the business model viability
  • Embrace state of the art methodologies for an innovation program and project management

Tefen presents the next of innovation management practices, based on the Lean Startup concept. 

These practices enable organizations boost a new wave of entrepreneurship while leveraging startups' space tools.

The result is a much more efficient innovation process, driving an entrepreneurial culture and having impactful innovation outcomes. 

The practices apply to both internal innovations and external startups you want to engage with.

Tefen can conduct an innovation diagnosis at your company to assess your innovation structure and how to make innovation work for you


Follow the link below to learn more about innovation management and how to implement innovation in your organization.

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