An improvement in the Hospital Laboratory profit

An improvements in the Hospital Laboratory profit

I. Description

A large hospital in California was committed to redesigning its internal processes to
better service the internal and external sample delivery requirements in a more
timely and efficient manner, while improving the staff’s productivity and service

II. Key Findings

After the completion of the assessment phase, there were significant discoveries made which contributed the following fields:

• Lab samples arrived from internal and external sources but did not consistently have the correct information in place
• Procedures and processes do not support timely service
• Many manual tasks that could be automated
• High number of errors
• Lack of data to help establish correct staffing levels
• Unknown capacity levels
• Patient service levels were average
• 67% productive
• 6 different labs receive the samples from one point without visibility of the entry point

III. Methodology and the Road to Success

• Signs were added at the sample drop off point, showing the sample volume level and bar codes required per tube
• Educational sheets with the proper sample parameters were given to each of the upstream customers
• Manual tasks were eliminated by installing the Power Processor
• Reports were created to plan the workload of the central accessioning staff
A capacity modeling tool was created to plan as well as identify potential room for more sample volume
• Installed bar code label printers upstream
• Samples were delivered to the labs in a more efficient manner by using the Power Processor
• Sample visibility was increased
• Key performance indicators were put into place to monitor and track the efforts

IV. Results Achieved

• Increased sample accuracy by 18%
• Increase productivity by 14%
• Improved service levels by 26%
• Identified 20% capacity increase
• Sample turn around increased by 15%
• Realized over $1.5M in increased revenue


Let's work together!

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