Go-to-Market Analysis & Implementation for Software Development

Go-to-Market Analysis & Implementation for Software Development


  • Software development company with small-business and Enterprise level products faced market saturation in home country and was looking for a new market for growth.


  • R&D centralized abroad, so time to market was slow
  • No brand in the United States
  • New CEO on-boarded at beginning of project
  • Internal disagreements on preferred future path of projects
  • No clear idea on future market trends or United States customer preferences


  • Tefen conducted a 2-phase Go-to-Market project:
    • Phase 1 – Diagnostics of US market included customer preferences, market size, geographic locations, distribution options, pricing, competitive benchmarking, etc.
    • Phase 2 – Implementation and Project Management of US Go-to-Market. Oversight and project planning for entry into US market.


  • Client successfully entered the US market and is selling through 3 different distribution channels in 3 geographic markets.

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