Biopharmaceutical Scheduling & Efficiency Case Study

Biopharmaceutical Scheduling & Efficiency Case Study

Case Study – Labor Efficiency and Scheduling

•        Increased demand for product and approval in healthcare markets has led to a 150% increase in production throughput
•        Scheduling done manually and siloed by department
•        Sr. Mgt interested in benchmarking labor efficiency vs. industry best practices

•       Observe operators and develop recommendations for labor efficiency
•        Create scheduling models for 14 and 12 day cycle times

•        Observe operators in each area and analyze behaviors and 
•        Model batch process using SchedulePro® de-bottlenecking software and traditional Excel modeling

•        Implemented scheduling software to be used for both 14 and 12 day CT
•        Potential reduction in human scheduling errors by ~10%
•        Transparent scheduling process for all levels throughout the organization
•        Indentified savings opportunities in excess of $49K

Client Profile
•        Biopharmaceutical firm that focuses on life-changing therapies for patients living severe often ultra-rare diseases
•        Fortune 2000 company, publically listed with market cap of $9.15B (2011)
•        Over 800 employees worldwide, with offices in the US, Canada, Japan and EU
•        Industry Awards and Recognition 
•        Prix Galien USA Award for Best Biotechnology Agent
•        Prix Galien France award


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