Competiveness Diagnostic Benchmark in Large Pharmaceutical Site

Competiveness Diagnostic Benchmark in Large Pharmaceutical Site

Client Description
Large established pharmaceutical site (100M budget, 700 FTEs) with history of successful product supply and continuous performance and cost improvement.
3 Business Units: Liquids & creams, Parentals, and Transdermals.


  • Business Unit Liquids & Creams: volumes are growing, and the organisation and performance needs attention
  • Parentals phasing out & new steriles appearing –impacting the internal org structure
  • Interfaces with other departments critical
  • Recent organisational changes have reduced opportunity to drive process improvements and implement a lean culture.

Project Goals

  • Producing under increased complexity and volumes
  • Improving service while simultaneously increasing productivity
  • Building improved structures and culture to ensure clarity and continuous improvement

To perform a diagnostic that will reveal the key constraints and opportunities across the site and construct a detailed roadmap of achieving the desired future state vision

Tools and Methodologies

  • Review drivers & constraints (cultural, regulatory, etc.)
  • Identify areas of low performance and high cost; establish major root causes
  • Include organisation, layers, processes, communication, culture, incentives …
  • Support with Tefen benchmarks
  • Define roadmap to achieve vision (performance, organisation, processes, etc)


vision roadmap

Project Steps

  • Strategic Objective Interviews
  • Multi Observational Study
  • 13 Distinct Deep Dives into potential areas of opportunity
  • Roadmap and prioritization of recommendations 


  • More than 65 opportunities for improvement identified with an expected saving of more than 2,5 million euro per annum
  • Eye-opening analysis and results for the client revealing the true nature of the site’s performance and key areas of opportunity
  • A clear future state vision agreed upon with the entire Leadership team
  • Tangible and practical roadmap with prioritized actions to attain the future state vision

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