3 Ways to Redesign the Sales Force – a Big Pharma Company Case

3 Ways to Redesign the Sales Force – a Big Pharma Company Case


A global leader in the pharmaceutical industry sought to redesign its sales force in order to target specific contacts.

The client had over 2,000 contacts ("blink stakeholders") not targeted by the existing sales force, including institutional actors (core target), hospitals (clinical & admin staff) and patient advocates.

The Big Pharma company develops, manufactures and markets prescription medicines for six major therapeutic areas.



To achieve these goals, Tefen has performed the following three steps:

1. Create segmentation of each customer group with estimation of the related sales potential and strategy/efforts required
2. Identification of alternative sales force models and of size required to target and serve the related customer groups
3. Quantification of benefits/costs for each sales force model; Definition of the final business plan (including launch plan) and ROI calculation



As a result of the project, the Big Pharma company designed a customized go-to-market approach for each cluster of contacts.

In addition, the company identified specific sales models based on tailored sizing analysis.


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