Developing a Layout Design at a Semiconductor Facility

Developing a Layout Design at a Semiconductor Facility

Executive Summary
In February 2011, a leading semiconductor foundry engaged Tefen USA to help develop a facility layout design for their new manufacturing facility. This included defining the operational requirements including the production volume, required number of tools, and required space for each manufacturing area.

The client was seeking professional services related to the development of a facility layout design plan for their new manufacturing facility.

Tefen structured the project with the client concerns in mind and developed a project plan that focused on developing facility layout design alternatives that met the needs of the production plan for the new facility.

Starting with capacity model analysis, the following steps were taken:
· Analyze the capacity requirements for the new facility
· Adjustments made for ramp plan
· Include required standards for walkway / machine clearances
· Determine the number of tools needed to produce the maximum product volume
· Develop 4 different design alternatives 
· Perform a quantitative and qualitative analysis of the alternatives
· Ranking and selection of most appropriate design alternative

Tefen helped the client to select the most appropriate facility layout design to meet their needs for their new manufacturing facility.


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