Improving Production Capacity for a Semiconductor Manufacturer

Improving Production Capacity for a Semiconductor Manufacturer


  • A multinational semiconductor manufacturer needed to improve production capacity in one of its largest manufacturing sites. As an older site, it could not be fully automated and therefore operator productivity was the main avenue of improvement pursued.


  • The company was unsure of where its productivity losses were occurring and did not have a way to track or quantify it
  • Production floor was very large and multiple floors, making it even more difficult to track operator actions and movement
  • The semiconductor manufacturing process was very complex, and therefore it was difficult to establish baselines of value-added actions in each area and step of the process
  • No automated or RFID lot tracking system in the production facility


  • Tefen conducted a multi-level detailed diagnostic
  • Identified main non-value adding activities, and quantified them over a 24-hour/day multi-observational study for 7 days
  • Performed 30 interviews throughout 4 levels of the company
  • Provided quick wins and recommendations for improvements across the facility, with detailed calculations of improvement potential
  • Recommendations included: KPIs establishment, visual management, roles & responsibilities, and mgmt. routines


  • Collected more than 10,500 data points on value-adding activities
  • Identified top 2 non-value added activities, top 3 improvement levers
  • Client implemented changes and increased operator productivity 27.4%

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