Go-to-Market strategy for an Israeli plastics company

Go-to-Market Strategy for an Israeli Plastics Company

Backround and Challenge

  • Client tried to enter the Turkish and Spanish markets, however both attempts were less successful than expected due to insufficient pre-entrance research and local competition
  • Despite the plastic segment’s steady growth, it captured less than 6% of the global market
  • While the preferred strategic move was manufacturing in Israel and exporting to the US, preliminary findings showed that this was economically unfeasible
  • The industry is highly competitive. There are big players with high brand recognition and small players with aggressive pricing strategies
  • Their direct competitor, who had similar technologies and product portfolios, had already entered the US market, therefore had first-mover advantage

Tools & Methodologies

  • Performed a market sizing exercise with a deep dive into key industry verticals and geographies
  • Conducted Interviews and surveys with industry experts and customers to understand the needs and desires of the market
  • Employed mystery shopping to secure the competitor’s price lists and customer service approaches
  • Determined the target geographic area based on demographic factors, prominent client organizations, competition and distribution landscape, as well as cost of doing business
  • Employed Blue Ocean Strategy to construct the current and future value curves of the client to carve out an uncontested market space
  • Drafted strategic scenarios and their financial and operational implications
  • Received management and board approval of the selected strategic alternative


  • A thorough report of the US market for plastic pallets from both the supply and demand perspectives was prepared
  • A tailored Go to Market strategy was designed and then approved by management and the board of directors
  • A list of potential partners for manufacturing and distribution was compiled

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