Capacity and Resource Management for a Financial Institution

Capacity and Resource Management for a Financial Institution

I. Description

An executive vice president of operations was looking for a unique solution to manage the growing volume of transactions at his branches.
The unusual growth required excessive overtime from his employees, creating a drain on profits and morale.
Ultimately, this had a negative impact on customers and reduced the banks ability to retain some of its key clients.

II. Methodology

Analyzed branch and back-office activity by transaction type for Credit, Clearing, Loan, and Deposit operations • Eliminated Non-Value Added activities and optimized workflow • Created a Parametric Staffing model and implemented a resource planning system to manage dynamic workload changes • Instituted a Multi-Disciplined Workforce concept, resulting in a more flexible backoffice capacity

III. Results Achieved

Within one quarter, overtime was cut down to less than 5%, with an accompanying increase in profit. Customer satisfaction rose by 20%, and customer retention reached 95%.
Cost of service was reduced by 25%, along with increased employee satisfaction.


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