Corporate & Market Strategy

Corporate Strategy

We maximize value for all shareholders in your organization by identifying investment opportunities and evaluating the potential for synergies.

We assist you in developing your strategy by identifying the areas of activity and target markets and therapies to focus on. We define growth drivers and viable competitive advantages through feasibility assessments and effective implementation planning.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions strategy is an effective growth driver for any organization wishing to create or leverage a competitive advantage or enter new markets and territories.

Tefen helps clients identify and develop the most feasible strategy to fulfill shareholders' vision and targets.

M&A success demands research and preparation, and careful execution. Tefen works with clients throughout this process, while using well-proven methods and tools, to ensure optimal integration.

While examining an acquisition target, we conduct a structured due-diligence of the potential purchase, business, and the organizational and operational compatibility; and of the alignment of the potential target to the buyer's resources, capabilities and strategic vision.

M&A success requires a wide examination of the entire process, from vast strategic aspects to drilled-down implementation:

1. First, Tefen maps the strategic activity in the specific field, peripheral markets and the characteristics of the potential acquisition targets. Potential synergies and critical attributes are also investigated and quantified.
2. The most attractive opportunity is based on the highest value for the organization (short & long term) and maximal ease of implementation to ensure value capture.
3. Tefen then performs a thorough due-diligence of the merged organization, covering all operational and organizational aspects and analyzing the benefits and risks that might follow the merge. In this part, we normally quantify value and pricing scenarios.

Following the acquisition decision, Tefen investigates the acquired organization's vision and business plan and its compatibility to the buyer's strategy. Tefen also issues alignment procedures.

We support our clients with execution, from initial alignment to the establishment of a steady state, correlated with defined objectives and work plans.

Marketing Strategy

Tefen support HC organizations to develop and execute their marketing strategy.

As marketing strategy has the goal of achieving a sustainable competitive advantage in a geography or therapeutic area, our work will start with a comprehensive analysis of the strategic initial situation of your organization and the formulation, evaluation, and selection of market oriented strategies that contribute to the goal.

This analysis includes, but not limited to PEST (stands for Political, Economic, Social and Technological), SWAT (stands for Strengths, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats) and many others.

Based on this detailed analysis, Tefen will then choose the recommended strategies from a large number of alternatives, based on well-defined set of criteria.



Let's work together!

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