Healthcare Delivery

Healthcare Value

Healthcare value refers to the quality of care administered, and to the cost of these services.

Tefen works with hospitals and healthcare systems around the world to improve the value of the organization’s clinical, ancillary and support services. The variety of solutions offered impact the clinical quality provided to the patient as well as reduce the overall cost of care for the provider. This leads to a reduction in the cost of care for the patient.

These improvements can be realized through clinical transformations, variability reduction, and also revenue growth, cost control, and resource staffing.

Improve Clinical Care through Clinical Transformation

The healthcare industry is constantly pressured by increased regulation, consumerism, workforce shortages, and an aging population. Healthcare providers must adapt to these changes in order to be able to continuously offer desirable care.

Continuous growth and adaptation to the surrounding environment are parts of a clinical transformation. This transformation can help an organization to improve the value of its care, as well as pursue efficiency improvements and cost effective innovations.

The value of healthcare service is determined by the quality of the care administered, along with the cost of these services.

Improving the value of healthcare services begins with improving the effectiveness of the care administered. Tefen works with its clients to improve patient safety and reduce readmission rates through increased quality of care.

Organizations are then able to reduce complications and hospital acquired conditions. Infection prevention is also improved, and patient injuries, while under care, are reduced.

Information flow improvements can also help an organization to accomplish these goals, as well as improve healthcare value and the effectiveness of treatment.

Along with care improvements, operating cost reductions are also possible. Tefen helps organizations redesign operational processes and optimize available resources to transform clinical processes. These transformations help to allow better utilization of resources, while lowering costs. Through the combination of decreasing costs and increasing the quality of care, clinical care value is improved.


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• Compliance Issues within a Medical Surgical Unit
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• Preceding Software Selection with Rapid Process Improvements

Eliminate Clinical Variability

The value of a healthcare service can be improved through increased accuracy and efficiency throughout the organization.

Many providers struggle with clinical variability that inevitably increases costs through wasted time and inaccurate information processing.

Tefen works with providers to streamline processes in order to reduce variability and improve accuracy and patient care.

One solution includes implementing systematic data collection and automation to reduce errors. When successfully implemented, it supports the identification of root causes for variance and standardizes data collection to eliminate process output variation for patients with a similar diagnosis.

Tefen works to eliminate variability in providers' orders as well, in order to standardize a system for order sets, protocols and delegation orders; it is imperative that an organization has a centralized or standardized method of storage, to ensure that all order types adhere to the government regulated documentation.

Without adherence to these regulations, clinicians could potentially end up working outside of their scope of practice. or operating from orders that haven’t been reviewed in years and are not consistent with current regulations. This may lead to non-current clinical practices being used, and, therefore, to compliance issues.

When reducing the variability of different types of order sets that exist at an organization, you also increase the quality of patient care through coordination of the entire healthcare team.

Cost Realization and Savings

The constant potential for cost saving can be easily overlooked, resulting in missed opportunities and wasted or redundant costs.

Tefen helps clients to examine the bonds between financial performances, the quality of care delivered, patient access and overall throughput. This combination allows an organization to fully understand the opportunities for improvements in their billing processes and their cost realization.

Tefen also works with organizations to help integrate diagnostics and technologies to reduce operating costs, as well as to increase efficient usage of resources and assets, resulting in a significant reduction in costs.


• Activity-Based Costing and Root Cause Analysis
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• Reducing Operational Costs Through Rapid Improvement

Improve Patient Satisfaction

Tefen helps organizations improve their provider performance and behavior, from staff to physicians. Enhancing staff performance improves the patient satisfaction as it creates a positive environment and culture, that increase staff's accuracy and efficiency.

Tefen also works with organizations to improve their patient access by increasing effective capacity and reducing admittance costs, both of which lead to a positive experience for the patient.

Staff Performance and Behaviors

Hospital staff has a large effect on patients’ experiences due to constant contact. Therefore, it is important for the staff to provide quality and reliable service at all times.

Staff performance can be overlooked during sweeping organizational changes, but Tefen helps to integrate staff performance changes into the overall project.

We assist organizations in improving their provider performance, from staff to physicians, supporting the creation of a satisfying workplace and a dedicated work force.

At the same time, performance enhancements occur through increased efficiency and productivity of personnel. Tefen works to enhance staff performance by implementing clear and measurable performance processes to balance staff and patient satisfaction.

Through performance reviews and the development of planning tools and indicators of performance, measurable and communicable results can be achieved.

Tefen also works with its clients to create an encouraging environment, an enthusiastic and positive culture, that results in optimistic staff attitudes. This mindset leads to improved patient satisfaction and quality of care.

Patient Access

Hospitals are constantly faced with the challenge of delivering affordable, high-quality healthcare, to a wide-variety of consumers. The struggle to provide affordable solutions is made even more challenging by capacity limits and the availability of providers.

Tefen helps organizations improve patient services and treatment throughout the admission, stay and discharge processes, by streamlining patient flow processes and increasing patient access.

Increasing patient access can have many positive effects on an organization, including enhanced patient satisfaction due to greater ease of admittance.

Through the reduction of inefficiencies, hospitals are able to minimize delays, increase procedures on-time starts, and therefore increase scheduling capacity. Increased capacity allows patients to have more flexibility, and better availability of providers.

Tefen also works with organizations to lower access costs to hospitals and emergency departments, allowing more affordable treatment, which allows the hospital to offer care to a larger number of people.


• Minimizing delays and better information sharing leads to higher patient satisfaction
• Minimize time spent by staff on day of surgery tracking down patient information supports & enables on-time starts


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