Institutional Projects

Globally, the Healthcare industry is under a huge pressure for cost-containment. The growth of hospital systems and systems purchasing has led to a multilayered body of institutional stakeholders, healthcare policy-makers and payers, who are increasingly dictating or influencing what doctors can prescribe or implant.

Life science companies find themselves having to address multiple stakeholders at different levels of the healthcare systems, each with varying needs and priorities.

This complex structure means that the classical “muscle” approach of the pharmaceutical and medical devices sales force is no longer enough.

The objective of institutional initiatives, as explored, is to address the needs for more advance business models by creating “win-win” situations for both pharmaceutical/medical device companies and the Healthcare system.

These should involve both clinical and institutional players and aim to forge new long-term relationships, which lead to concrete projects and the creation of a sustainable “Healthcare environment”, with tangible benefits for both the companies and the Healthcare organizations.

Tefen supports Life Science companies and Healthcare organizations in:

Building long-lasting relationships with institutional actors, cooperating in initiatives with a final pay-off for all participants:

  • Value-added support, not gained through standard processes, while being strongly appreciated by institutional stakeholders
  • Creation of lock-in mechanisms through Value Delivery Systems that satisfy customers’ needs

Identification and launching of multi-year projects, aimed at improve current Healthcare processes (within hospital and institutional settings)

  • Focus not on the product but on the process involving the product usage (e.g.: Patients management optimization, resource allocation management, etc.)
  • Business cases to demonstrate the ROI of the projects



Let's work together!

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