Supply Chain & Cost Optimization

Inefficiencies in a hospital supply chain can lead to non-value added consumption of resources and assets that could have been used for patient care. The growing complexity of a healthcare system’s supply chain often results in challenges when attempting to manage the entire supply chain as one entity.

Tefen helps organizations streamline their entire supply chain in order to eliminate waste and inefficiencies throughout. Supply chain process optimization can be achieved through the analysis of the entire supply chain and by focusing on alternatives that improve the control of materials.

Benefits can be seen from the standardization of supplies and negotiations, using rigorous vendor management policies that regulate vendor access and engagement.
In addition, comprehensive systems can be developed to monitor and manage how products are distributed, to further improve the product flow through an organization.

Lastly, Tefen works to develop a plan for continuous improvement. This is done by establishing future processes that must be followed, developing alignment with care providers, creating stewardship to ensure support from all levels of the organization, and sharing information across all departments.



Let's work together!

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