Commercial Excellence

Companies face many challenges created by complex consumer behavior, retail consolidation and growing competition. Moreover, the recent advances in digital media have dramatically changed the communication channels between organizations and consumers. Therefore, the consumer has become more aware and more challenging to persuade.

These climate changes, as well as the changes in potential sales and service channels, are increasing the complexity of the sales and customer processes.

By leading many projects in client relationship management and sales & marketing channels, Tefen has gained extensive knowledge and expertise in this practice.

We collaborate with our clients in many activities in this area, including customer management, customer life cycle and sales processes optimization.
Our clients are the largest companies in the Israeli market, in a variety of industries such as: Retail, FMCG, Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Telecom.  We are proud of our long-term relationships with our customers, with whom we constantly strive to enhance their sales & marketing business results.

We bring to our customers:

  • Sales & marketing expertise including best practices, methods and tools
  • In depth knowledge of the Israeli market in a variety of industries
  • Global knowledge and benchmarks based on our activities in Europe and US
  • Result driven and experienced teams

Results Driven

Our goal is to enable our clients to thrive in today’s increasingly competitive markets by creating clear and lasting value.
We deliver results for our customers from increasing their customer satisfaction and loyalty, to growing revenue and enhancing sales effectiveness.
Customer examples:

  • Redefining Customer Segmentation and RTM in a FMCG company by leveraging its sales in highly profitable products by 30% in less than a year
  • Developing a Sales Contact Center in the finance industry, which raised the company's sales volume by 50% as a result of SFE project

Our areas of expertise include:

Sales & Channel Management

We support companies in designing, deploying, and managing their operational sales strategy. Optimizing companies' Route to Market (RTM), defining the right Customer Segmentation, examining Cost to Serve (CTS) and deploying the appropriate Service Levels are all important aspects of the operational sales strategy.  Our hands-on approach, combined with in depth analysis and our BM, make the difference in our projects and leverage our clients' sales results.


We assist you in defining your customers' perception and CRM needs, in a way that will allow your business to attract new customers, retain your existing customers and increase share of wallet from them. To ensure your strategy's success, we analyze the workflows and processes and redefine them to better support the defined strategy and your company's overall goal.

Customer Lifecycle

We help you move your customers through the customer life cycle, and therefore improve the performance of your business.  We help our clients formulate a comprehensive plan by examining the overall scope of the organization and bringing all sources of static and dynamic data, marketing processes, and value added services to a unified decision supporting platform.

Organization & Capabilities

We help our clients understand the complexity of their organizations and design their organizational structures to maximize revenue and achieve full potential. Defining the sales structure involves defining all the guidelines, procedures, policies and tools companies use to sell. We thoroughly examine and define all parts of the sales structure including; sales tools, information system, sales compensation program, sales management support practices, assignments of markets and customers. We also make sure to confirm that the structure follows our client's strategy and goals.

Product Launch

As many companies go through the new product launch process with little prior planning, we support our clients in defining a structured New Product Introduction process, including supporting tools and KPIs, in order to achieve an efficient and successful New Product launch. Our methodology includes pragmatic framework for the entire life cycle of a new product, from idea and R&D to market testing and product launch into the marketplace.

Sales Force Efficiency (SFE)

We support our clients in realizing their untapped sales potential by defining and implementing the appropriate sales and service model for them. By optimizing customer interaction processes and channels we increase sales effectiveness, opportunity realization rates, and customer service level.


We work with our clients in different layers of pricing cases. From formulating a comprehensive pricing strategy, to product pricing analysis and identifying near-term opportunities, we assist companies in developing pricing capabilities.
Our Trade Promotion Effectiveness service enables our clients to enhance their promotion decision making. By shaping the right framework for promotion management, including tools, analysis and operational aspects, we assist our clients in creating a successful trade promotion and improving the collaboration between the different stakeholders of this operation.

Sales & Channel Management

Tefen supports companies in designing, deploying, and managing their operational sales strategy. We help create a positive impact by defining formalized and customized channels and selling methods and servicing customers within a specific channel. Our hand-on approach, combined with in depth analysis and our BM, make the difference in our projects and leverage our clients' business results.

External Analysis

Tefen performs external analysis to acquire an in depth understanding of the market, including competition, market trends and innovative sales methods and solutions.

Internal Analysis

An internal analysis of our client's organization is performed to map the current state and understand the different parameters in each channel. In order to design the optimal Route to Market, locate inefficiencies and gaps in the current channels and build the road map for implementation, we perform activities such as:

  • Customer segmentation - analyzing the business value of each segment, and its profitability
  • Sales force efficiency - examining each channel
  • Cost to serve evaluation
  • Customer relationship management - analyzing the activities and interfaces with our client
  • Voice of the customer - Mapping and analyzing the needs and expectations of each customer segment while understanding the satisfaction in the current state
  • Organizational structure - examining the organizational structure, responsibilities, procedures and management needs and visions
  • We highlight inefficiencies, emphasizing the places to cut costs without harming the value provided.


Tefen helps its clients recognize opportunities for growth and define their business potential. After analysis we present our clients with a prioritized set of alternatives that allows income enhancement and / or cost reduction. The analysis includes evaluating the investments, risks, organizational and financial consequences and outcomes and other key factors such as:

  • Service level
  • Response to market conditions and competition
  • Flexibility to market changes and competition map
  • Customer needs


Tefen assists its clients in avoiding overinvestments by understanding the alternatives and identifying the investments that make a difference. We help design a program that optimizes the Route to Market (RTM) for each segment and defines operational measures such as Cost to Serve (CTS). We do this by implementing a tailored strategy, defining the right customer segmentation, and deploying the adequate procedures, structures, controls and measurements.


Customer relationship management (CRM) is a widely implemented strategy for managing a company’s interactions with customers, clients and sales prospects. It involves using technology to organize, automate, and synchronize business processes.

CRM strategy should be aligned to the organization's mission and purpose in order to bring about sustained achievement of business objectives and profitable customer relationships. Tefen provides step-by-step guidance and an integrated and powerful base for defining and implementing a CRM strategy tailored to meet the needs of our client's organization and its customers.


The first step requires research designed to provide both strategic and tactical information. We help our clients prioritize key drivers of attitudinal and behavioral customer loyalty, measure performance relative to the competition, define key customer and market segments, and measure the relationship between performance, customer loyalty and financial performance.


Tefen helps its clients in defining their customer management perception and recognizing the types of services that are important factors in attracting and retaining customers; that, in turn, helps them improve their customers' experience.

Workflows & Processes

To assure the strategy's success, Tefen analyzes the workflows and processes and redefines them to better support the defined strategy and the client's overall goal. 
In this analysis we mainly examine and define customer service, call center efficiency, cross-sell and upsell opportunities, streamlined sales and marketing processes, customer profiling and targeting, costs, share of customer and overall profitability. In this phase we utilize cost-to-serve analysis that allocates all the costs associated with providing a product or serving a customer segment. This helps us identify opportunities for process improvements and form a service portfolio.


Finally, we help our client choose the right technology. After defining the platform, Tefen helps its clients choose the right technology, while verifying that efficiency is increased and the clients' costs are minimized. We help our clients evaluate technology, and accompany them in managing the change, and achieving team work and collaboration in their organization.

Companies that successfully implement CRM will reap the rewards in sales efficiency, customer loyalty and long run profitability. However, CRM requires company-wide, cross-functional, customer-focused business process re-engineering. Although a large portion of CRM is technology, viewing CRM as a technology-only solution will likely lead to failure. Managing a successful CRM implementation requires an integrated and balanced approach to technology, process, and people.

Customer Lifecycle

Customer lifecycle is a term used to describe the progression of steps a customer goes through when considering, purchasing, using, and maintaining loyalty to a product or service. 

Tefen helps its clients formulate a comprehensive plan in order to manage customer lifecycle in a holistic approach. Moving their customers through the costumer lifecycle improves performance of their business. In this process Tefen examines the overall scope of the organization, including all sources of static and dynamic data, marketing processes, and value added services. The information is unified in a platform that will support decision making during the phases of customer acquisition, retention, cross and up-selling, and lapsed customer win-back.

In order to achieve the optimization of our clients' customer lifecycle, our work consists of the following:

Diagnosing the Existing Cycle & Defining the Data Base

The first step to having a strong infrastructure is to examine the overall scope of the organization. Tefen defines the data required in order to analyze all the phases in the CLM. In addition, Tefen helps its clients characterize the tools that support their data and analysis needs, and leverages their organizations in terms of IT (Information Technology). This connects them to next generation technologies.

Customer Acquisition

In order to achieve and maintain our clients' customers' loyalty, and to urge new customers to join their cycle, we help our clients understand their customers' needs and desires. We help create a specific profile of our clients' new and existing customers, and help our clients understand the current market. We also assist in increasing their innovation in market penetration and in their customers' perception. The bottom line is that we help our clients increase the growth of their customer base.

Cultivating Loyalty Among Customers

In the next step, we build with our clients a fitted program to increase and maintain their costumers' satisfaction and brand perception. This, in turn, preserves customer loyalty to the firm. We help our clients optimize their customers' experience. Tefen observes the clients interface with the customers and breaks it down to defined contact points, with determined service levels, customers' segmentation and managing routines. Together with our clients we define their cultural service perception, and help them make sure this perception reaches their customers.

Managing Change

Tefen helps its clients implement planned changes in their companies, and accompanies the implementation in every branch of their organization. We make sure that the knowledge and the defined procedures reach the first contact point with the customers. While we help our clients manage the change, we also help them adapt to create a perfect fit for the operating arm.

Organization & Capabilities

The sales operational structure is the sum of all guidelines, procedures, policies and tools your company uses to sell. 
Tefen helps its clients maximize their capabilities and increase their sales force efficiency, in order to maximize their revenue and achieve their full potential. We accompany our clients through the following steps:

Current State, Visions and Goals

The first step is diagnosing the existing organizational structure. Tefen helps its clients understand the complexity of their organizations, mapping and examining the elements of interest and value. Those elements are prioritized by their impact on achieving the sales strategy and they must be consistent with the organizational goals and visions of the process.

The Challenge

The challenge we help our clients face is designing the sales organizational structure so that it provides a comprehensive view of customer management.
The path to the right organizational structure includes analyzing benchmarks, examining different alternatives by valuing all pros and cons, and consolidating a detailed design of the chosen sales structure.

Policies, Processes & Tools

Once the structure is designed, Tefen helps its clients develop templates and processes for building an improved sales structure, leading to sales success. Together we define a set of rules and policies for to whom, where and how to sell. We then develop and deploy the most appropriate tools to communicate sales messages efficiently; and define the needed knowledge management routines, sales tools, information systems, training programs, sales compensation program, etc.

Implementing the Change

Tefen helps its clients create an environment that allows continuous learning and improvement and accompanies implementation in every branch of its clients' organizations. We make sure that the knowledge and the defined procedures reach the first contact point with the customers. While we help our clients manage the change, we also help them adapt to ensure the perfect fit.

Product Launch

Many companies go through the new product launch process with little prior planning. We support our clients in defining a structured new product introduction process in order to achieve an efficient and successful new products launch. 

Our methodology includes pragmatic framework for the entire lifecycle of a new product:

Strategy Definition

Strategy definition is the first step in the process of achieving an efficient and successful product launch. With our clients we define their vision for their market and product strategy, their targeted customer segments and their pricing strategy.

Business Analysis

A profitable process requires business analysis. The analysis is the best tool for clients to be equipped to make the “Go-No Go” decision. It also serves as the base for the definition of the "How to Market" strategy.

Managing the Launch

A product launch is a cross organizational process and therefore must be managed as a project. We build our clients a tailored structure that best fits the product launch process and its management needs. We help define the responsibilities in each stage, the team members' assignments, the milestones and achievements, internal and external interfaces, and any bottlenecks that need to be managed.

Products Launch Process, Tools and KPIs

An improved product launch process can shorten time-to-market and time-to-profit. We help our clients define activities, process outputs, gate reviews, supporting tools and KPIs to manage and control the full process. We help our clients understand and adopt their project management approach and build their launching plans according to a specific managed pattern.

Closing Steps

Establishing a routine to draw conclusions is the closing step of the process, and it is most often mistakenly skipped. We believe that this step serves our clients not only as a last step, but also as valuable knowledge for moving forward.  Therefore, we help our clients fully use this resource by defining the process and post-launch measurement routines. Product launch success and process efficiency are measured by the same measures: time-to-market, budget adherence, ROI, market share, brand awareness, etc.

We supports our clients from the strategy design (including pricing, positioning, market potential analysis, Go to Market strategy) to creating a well synchronized product launch by creating a clear definition of responsibilities, work streams, management routines and tracking processes.


Let's work together!

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