Our goal is to create clear and lasting value for our clients by achieving significant business breakthroughs.

We help senior management executives define its business objectives by jointly charting a set of alternatives to determine the nature and direction of their business. Once an alternative is chosen, we execute it.

We combine multi-disciplinary capabilities and diverse industry expertise to create and implement customized management consulting solutions, ranging from corporate strategy to branding and operations.

We focus on creating a unique and valuable position that is both feasible and innovative.

Corporate Strategy

We maximize value for all shareholders and business divisions in your organization by identifying investment opportunities and evaluating the potential for synergies. We assist you in developing your strategy by identifying the areas of activity and target markets to focus on. We define growth drivers and viable competitive advantages through feasibility assessments and effective implementation planning.

Global Strategy

We support companies in developing their market penetration strategy to break into new global markets.
We assist your organization in selecting and prioritizing target markets, defining the product/services portfolio, and developing a marketing and distribution concept.

Marketing Strategy

We create a differentiating marketing concept based on your organization's assets. We formulate the brand concept and determine which market segment should be the focus so that your company's value will increase.

Mergers and Acquisitions

We support your company in M&A processes, from the initiation phase through the strategic decision making process and execution. We will assist you in developing the M&A company policy.

Tefen Task Force

Tefen Task Force (TTF), a team of highly qualified and motivated professionals, temporarily takes direct management of part of a company on behalf of a client in order to reach critical business goals. TTF is highly recommended for Business Development, Product Launch, Cost Optimization, Post M&A integration, Turnaround & Restructuring and IT development.

Turnaround Management

In turnaround situations, management faces complex challenges. In any crisis, whether a simple stakeholder crisis or liquidation, sometimes a company merely struggles for survival. In a very short time and with limited resources, companies must analyze the root cause of their crisis and determine the best response to implement without jeopardizing the company's market position. We facilitate this process not only by analyzing finances and defining the strategic direction and plans for consolidation, but by actively supporting the organization in its execution of the restructuring plan.

Innovation Strategy

Corporations run the risk of becoming irrelevant if they are unable to continue innovating and competing with today's latest technologies, startups and other innovative companies. While most companies can agree that innovation is important, many still fail at implementing impactful and successful innovation strategies due their risk averse cultures, corporate processes and lack of frameworks to incubate fast pace innovations. Tefen can help companies with innovation consulting based on the Lean Startup methodologies. These practices can enable organizations to empower entrepreneurship, support innovative developments and leverage impactful innovation outcomes.

Business Strategy

A successful business strategy aims to achieve a sustainable and long lasting competitive advantage. This could be attained by numerous paths such as developing an innovative product, providing a much needed service or by uniquely making the most out of any given resources or capabilities. 
Tefen cooperates and works with clients through the process of locating and defining these potential competitive advantages; from design to implementation.
To push towards an organization's prosperity, management must understand fully the current state and the future trends in the market in which the company operates, exploring the potential changes in the business nature and by building a detailed and well-designed program to capture sustainable values by leveraging the company's competences.
Since Tefen's founding, we have worked with clients of various sizes and from different industries, assisting them in articulating and launching their most effective and innovative strategies. 
Seeking those long-lasting value drivers requires deep analysis of the market and the competition as well as a clear understanding of the customers' needs and desires- both in the present and in the near future. 
Tefen examines trends and relevant innovation concepts and evaluates the potential competition in the future market and our client's eventual positioning in that market.
Combining analysis with a thorough internal mapping of the company allows us to define strategic paths – which we measure on two crucial, quantifiable axes: expected impact of the value created and ease of implementation.

Our results-driven approach is focused on compiling the specific actions required for our clients to achieve a lasting strategic advantage by creating a unique and valuable position that is both feasible and innovative.

Corporate Development

In a competitive environment professionalism, differentiation, and strategic planning are only a few key requirements needed to develop a sustainable business. In a market where demands and expectations are constantly evolving, it is critical that companies establish their corporate identity by communicating a thorough vision and mission to their associates and developing a reputation for corporate social responsibility with their customers. We partner with our clients to construct a portfolio strategy that better positions their companies to succeed in this challenging environment while, at the same time, creating value to their shareholders.

International Business Strategy

Given the stage of economic globalization, the number of organizations striving for initiating or intensifying their penetration in the international market, especially in emerging markets, continues to increase rapidly. International penetration is a means to grow business and disseminate products and services. With a presence in several countries and a vast international knowledge base, we help clients develop a global strategy that explores the possibilities for expanding the company's growth horizons, while accounting for the advantages of the different potential locations.


Innovation is an essential factor for any business, not only is it a necessity to survive but also to thrive in a competitive environment. Due to Tefen’s thorough and vast experience across various industries and markets, as well as our unique internal capabilities- mastering both strategic and operational aspects – Tefen is the perfect companion for any client aiming to promote and enhance innovative elements of its products and culture.   


Tefen supports its clients in defining an innovative strategy and targets based on a clear and sound diagnostic exercise that covers our client's capabilities, areas for improvement, competitive environments and trends.
Nowadays, the study of competitive environments is paramount to the alignment of innovative projects with clear strategic goals. This provides an organization with long-lasting advantages to ensure bottom line optimization.
We use a diverse set of tools and approaches, from Blue Ocean Strategy to future trends analysis, in order to designate the most attractive prospects and identify clients' potential to seize those opportunities.
Finding these innovative advantages and then building ever-growing internal capabilities will prepare a business to be a leader and a pioneer in its industry, impacting both sales and brand perception for years to come.

Innovative DNA

Tefen provides its clients with guidelines, tools and procedures to create innovative DNA within their business, as well as to develop and implement a successful, ongoing innovation processes. 
There are various models for creating effective innovation processes. 
Tefen helps companies establish the most appropriate and creative internal system – a system that will generate an innovative environment and encourage creativity that is aligned with the company's strategic goals.
Tefen introduces targets and metrics to analyze the innovation processes such as short and long term strategic impact and ROI. Tefen helps companies improve their organizational structure and decision making processes as well as optimize their innovation pipelines in order to drive business performance.

Lean Startup

Startups are known for being innovative and being able to adapt quickly to capture value and release new products. These abilities, however, do not need to be confined to the startup world. Tefen can help corporations leverage innovation like startups and ensure that they don't end up like the Blockbusters or Kodaks of the world.

Current innovation strategies often lead companies to invest a lot of money in a few projects that are assumed to be successful. These projects often fail because they were based on assumptions instead of data and actionable metrics.

Tefen can help companies develop the process, structure and culture needed for impactful innovation. Having the correct infrastructure allows companies to plant the seeds for innovation, validate decisions and accelerate successful ideas that will contribute to their company's bottom line.

Using the lean start up methodologies, Tefen can map a company's current state of innovation and provide tailored recommendations on how to improve and implement innovation strategy through innovation programs and acceleration programs. Implementation strategy also includes actionable metrics on how to measure innovation, a road map on how to incubate ideas and tools to empower employees to act as entrepreneurs.

Strategic Management

A substantial number of companies fail to execute their strategy. One of the main reasons for this situation is the lack of effective mechanisms to manage and control a business. The first common step towards building a system to monitor and control a business lies in understanding its financial performance. However, to assess the organization's performance based solely on financial indicators leads to an incomplete vision in the strategic planning process. We support clients throughout the entire strategy life-cycle, beginning at the planning and development stages to implementation and performance monitoring. We provide a comprehensive approach to strategy management in which strategy tools, such as Balanced Scorecard (BSC), are introduced to support management.

Strategy Consulting

Strategy consulting consists of identifying an array of options for the client, analyzing the strengths and weaknesses for each alternative, and selecting the path that creates the highest value proposition for an organization. We provide guidance through all these steps with our proven methodology. With experienced strategy consultants, we ensure the development of a solid marketing strategy along with a sales strategy that supports the corporate vision and maximizes the return on investment (ROI) and shareholder value.

Marketing Strategy

Marketing strategy is all about focusing a company's marketing efforts on achieving a unique position that differentiates it from competitors in the eyes of a defined target segment.

Creating a marketing strategy begins with outlining the target customers and the specific value offered to them. This offer should be Unique (USP), and clearly separated from what the competition offers.
The marketing strategy must rely on the organization's capabilities, assets and the exclusive qualities embodied in its products and services.

Tefen uses a multi-dimensional approach in which we analyze all internal aspects (profitability, strategic assets, etc.); the competitive environment; as well as market trends that are expected to influence the target audience in the upcoming years. 
We map the projected changes in demand and consumption (including development of alternative and complementary products) as well as the needs, wishes and conceptions that will affect consumer behavior.

Marketing strategy decisions have critical implications on bottom-line business results. An efficient strategy will set a solid ground for the sales efforts of the company to build upon. 
Once the strategy is set some important sub-elements must be defined such as: positioning and branding, service nature and level, sales structure and channels, pricing aspects and so on.

Tefen works alongside its clients throughout the process, aiming to consolidate a cohesive and effective strategy, in which we find answers to questions such as:

  • Which segments do we want to approach, what are their unique needs and what is the distinctive value we can create for them?
  • Which target markets will maximize results?
  • What should our sales-channels policy be and how will it enhance the value we generate in each segment?
  • How should we differentiate our service level and prices between channels and customer segments?
  • And how should we brand and position ourselves in the market to capitalize on opportunities?


Mergers & Acquisitions strategy is an effective growth driver for any organization wishing to create or leverage a competitive advantage or enter new markets and territories. 
Tefen helps clients identify and develop the most feasible strategy to fulfill shareholder vision and targets.

M&A success demands thorough research and preparation, and careful execution. Tefen works with clients throughout the process, while using well-proven methods and tools, to ensure optimal integration.

While examining an acquisition target, Tefen conducts a structured due-diligence of the potential purchase, the business, organizational and operational compatibility, and the alignment of the potential target to the buyer's resources, capabilities and strategic vision.
M&A success requires a wide examination of the entire process, from vast strategic aspects to drilled-down implementation:

  1. Firstly, Tefen maps the strategic activity in the specific field, peripheral markets and the characteristics of the potential acquisition targets. Potential synergies and critical attributes are also investigated and quantified.
  2. The most attractive opportunity is based on the highest value for the organization (short & long term) and maximal ease of implementation to ensure value capture.
  3. Tefen then performs a thorough due-diligence of the merged organization, covering all operational and organizational aspects and analyzing the benefits and risks that might follow the merge. In this part we normally quantify value and pricing scenarios.
    Following the acquisition decision Tefen investigates the acquired organization's vision and business plan and it's compatibility to the buyer's strategy. Tefen also issues alignment procedures.

Tefen supports its clients with execution from initial alignment to the establishment of a steady state, correlated with defined objectives and work plans.

Tefen Task Force

Traditional consulting services are no longer sufficient to support client’s growth: companies’ needs are evolving coherently with economic and market trends, and more speed and concreteness is required to compete successfully in the market. This is also true in consulting. The client - consulting company relationship is evolving from supplying services to being partners in reaching client strategic goals.

That is why Tefen created Tefen Task Force (TTF), a team of highly qualified professionals that support a client in reaching critical business goals by directly managing part of the company on its behalf. TTF is made up of experienced and highly motivated senior executives with a solid knowledge of the client’s industry, as well as by top performing junior consultants with strong commitment and dedication. 

A client will benefit from TTF in different ways. First, it does not have to take the risk of implementing an internal structure to run a special project (or also dismantle it, if the project is unsuccessful), but instead can rely on external and flexible resources. Second, external resources can be more effective in reaching goals, especially in “politically stuck” situations. Third, the client can leverage Tefen’s global business network. Last, Tefen can link its compensation to a client’s results in order to increase commitment and the probability of success.

Typical TTF clients include either small/medium enterprises with an internal lack of competencies/knowledge or shortage of highly professional resources or big companies that do not have resources to undertake all the growing initiatives in their pipelines.

TTF is designed to support clients from different points of view: business development, product launch, cost optimization, post M&A integration, turnaround & restructuring and IT development.


Let's work together!

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